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The Toronto Blue Jays lost their starting shortstop following their starting third baseman.

The Blue Jays announced on the 30th (Korean time) 카지노사이트 that Bisset was placed on the injured list due to a quadriceps sprain.

Bisset was substituted with a quadriceps injury during a home game against the Cleveland Guardians on the 28th.

At the time, Toronto coach John Schneider explained that Bisset had been playing with this injury for a while, and that he had to watch his condition every day. After that, I received a detailed examination, but I thought it was not a problem that could be solved within 10 days.

Coach Schneider said in an interview with local media such as ‘Sports Net’ on the 30th that he listed Bisset on the injured list, saying that his injury was “minor”, but explained that he needed a rest for 10 days.

This is the second injured list line. After injuring his right knee during a home game against the Baltimore Orioles on August 1, he returned from an away game against the Cincinnati Reds on the 20th, but played eight games and this time with another injury.

In his last eight games, Bisset was 8-for-35 with one home run and three RBIs, no walks and eight strikeouts.

Mason McCoy (28) was called up. On July 27, he was acquired as a condition of giving right-hander Trent Thornton to the Seattle Mariners.

After making 653 appearances in six seasons in the minor leagues, his big league debut was just around the corner. This season, he appeared in 108 games for the Mariners and Blue Jays Triple-A, batting .226, on-base percentage, .324 slugging percentage, .383, 12 home runs, 64 RBI, and 23 stolen bases.

Coach Schneider said of McCoy, “He has a very good defense and running ability. He was evaluated as a ‘blue color’ player who poured his entire career to come here.”

He said Ernie Crement, Santiago Espinal, and McCoy would fill the shortstop job during Bisset’s departure, adding that they would fill the shortstop void “in a very strange, dirty, ugly, crazy way.”

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