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Jaden Sancho has been alleged to have had friction with the Manchester United club even before rumors of a feud with coach Eric Ten Haach.

Britain’s Mirror said on the 13th (Korea Standard Time), “Coach Ten Haach did not include Sancho on the roster in the recent match between Manchester United and Arsenal. He said the decision was made based on the results of the pre-match training. However, Sancho countered on social media that it was not true. The post has now been deleted,” he reported.

Meanwhile, the media said, “Sancho’s problem seems to have existed even before Ten Haach took office. He left Dortmund for Manchester United in 2021. And at the time, the club promised to give Sancho the back number 7. However, with Cristiano Ronaldo returning, Sancho had no choice but to receive number 25,” he added.바카라사이트

Sancho joined United ahead of the 2021-22 season. Sancho was playing well for Dortmund at the time. Accordingly, Manchester United succeeded in bringing Sancho with a large transfer fee of 85 million euros (about 1214 billion won). However, Sancho’s performance in Manchester United’s uniform was not satisfactory.

He played in 29 Premier League games in his first season and scored three goals and three assists. It was different from Dortmund’s 20 to 30 attack points in the league alone over the past three seasons. Last season also didn’t show much impact.

Sancho suffered a setback in his condition due to disease problems ahead of the 2022 Qatar World Cup, and was eventually eliminated from the final list of the English national soccer team’s World Cup. Along with the slump, the mental shock was great. For this reason, Sancho left Manchester United for a while and had personal training time. He then returned after a 100-day hiatus.

He tried to rebound again this season. But the opportunity is still limited. Since the opening, he has only played three consecutive league games as a substitute. In the next match against Arsenal, he was completely excluded from the list. When coach Ten Haach pointed out the training performance in a frustrating situation, it eventually exploded.

At the time Sancho said, “Please don’t believe everything! I did a very good job of training this week. I think there’s another reason why I couldn’t play. I’ve been a victim for a long time. All I want is to play soccer with a smile. I respect all the decisions of the coaching staff. I will continue to fight for this team.”

As the controversy escalated, the post has now been deleted. First of all, “Mirror” claimed that Sancho did not simply express his anger because of his feud with coach Ten Haach, but that misunderstandings had continued for a long time. However, by deleting the post, it seems that he is trying to calm the controversy and make a gesture of reconciliation for the team again.

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