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KT Wiz foreign pitcher William Cuevas dominated the Hanwha Eagles bats again. He started the first game of the doubleheader at Daejeon Baseball Stadium on Sunday and pitched a complete game, six-hit shutout over seven innings. He threw 94 pitches, allowing two walks and striking out five. Threw a 7-0 shutout.

Picked up her ninth win of the season in her 15th start. Since joining the team as a substitute in June, he has won nine straight games without a loss.토토사이트

Han is unstoppable when he faces Hanhwa. He has three wins in three appearances.

He pitched back-to-back quality starts in the first two games. In the first game on August 8, he allowed one run in seven innings, and on August 20, he threw seven scoreless innings.

He had allowed one run in 21 innings leading up to this game. His ERA is 0.43.

Hanwha also consistently put runners in scoring position, but couldn’t capitalize. They had runners on second and third in the third inning, runners on first and second in the fourth, runners on first and second in the sixth, and runners on first and third in the seventh. Coincidentally, the scoring opportunity came in the second inning.

KT’s bats took advantage of Hanwha starter Ricardo Sanchez early on.

In the top of the first inning, Hwang Jae-gyun doubled to right center and Kang Baek-ho singled to center field. They scored the first run of the game. 1-0.

In the top of the fourth inning, with the lead at 1-0, we added another run. No. 4 Park Byung-ho singled up the middle to load the bases. No. 5 Anthony Alford hit a two-run home run. The 13th of the season. He took a changeup from Sanchez and sent it over the left-center field fence in Daejeon.

Lee Ho-yeon hits a two-run double with runners on first and second in the top of the seventh inning. m
3-0 in the top of the seventh inning. Two batters later, the center field exploded again. Park Byung-ho, No. 4, and Alford, No. 5, hit back-to-back singles to put runners on first and second. No. 6 Lee Ho-yeon, who came to bat in place of Oh Yoon-seok, hit a double to left-center to bring home both runners. 5-0.

In the top of the ninth, Kim Jun-tae hit a two-run home run to center field to seal the win. Park Byung-ho had three hits and two RBIs and Alford had two hits and two RBIs.

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