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Barcelona are keeping tabs on Jadon Sancho.

Spain’s ‘Sport’ reported on January 16 (KST), “The relationship between Manchester United and Sancho has frozen. Barcelona are preparing for the possibility of signing him on loan next January. Sancho claims he was used as a ‘scapegoat’ by manager Eric ten Hagh after being left out of the Arsenal game. He is already considering a way out, but it doesn’t look easy,” the report said.

“Sancho hasn’t looked as good at United as he did at Dortmund. Barcelona are keeping tabs on Sancho as a left winger with a gaping hole. There have been no moves so far, but they are waiting to see what happens around him.”바카라사이트

On August 8, global media outlet ESPN reported that “Sancho faces an uphill battle to win support not only from Van Gaal but also from his teammates, who have strongly refuted claims that he was dropped for unsatisfactory training performance, saying it was ‘completely untrue’ and that he had ‘been a scapegoat for a long time’. But sources have revealed that United players have no sympathy for Sancho,” the report said.

“Sancho was quick to respond to Van Gaal’s comments, which have been pinned on social media. The source said that Van Gaal did not feel the need to explain Sancho’s comments or soften him up. They also added that Sancho and Van Gaal will have a conversation before the next round of matches against Brighton to discuss his future.” The social media post was pinned to the top not long ago, indicating that the conflict had not been resolved.

The two have been in talks but have been unable to resolve their differences. Britain’s Daily Star reported, “Sancho spoke to Van Gaal after his confrontation with the Dutchman but failed to reconcile. He is expected to leave the club in the January transfer window. The troubled star’s relationship with Van Gaal has completely broken down. He is unlikely to return to the starting lineup, even with teammate Anthony out for violence charges. “Sancho is a bad influence around the squad,” said a source.

Eventually, the relationship came to a head. “Sancho has been removed from the first-team squad and will undertake a personal training program until his disciplinary issues are resolved,” the club announced on its website on Thursday. Sancho is now out of the squad completely.

There were rumors of his release. According to the British newspaper The Sun, “United ignored a loan offer from Dortmund in January. If Sancho and Van Gaal do not reconcile, Dortmund plan to launch a bid for him in the winter transfer window.” “Al Ittifaq have pushed for a loan deal for Sancho, but it has failed,” said the UK’s Daily Mail. United were prepared to loan him out for the rest of the season, but the offer included a £50 million option to buy him outright, which Al Ittifaq could not afford.” Barcelona have also been linked with a move.

However, the negotiations are not expected to be easy. United paid €85 million for Sancho in 2021. It would take a significant transfer fee to lure him away. Sancho, on the other hand, hasn’t proven himself and is facing a crisis.

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