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The best 11 of the most expensive English Premier League (EPL) of all time has emerged.

On the 8th, ‘onefootball’, a soccer content production company, selected “The 11 Most Expensive EPL Ever, which spent more than 1 billion euros”.

The name of Mikhailo Mudrik,스포츠토토 who is called Son Heung-min’s Ukraine and Chelsea version, stands out.

Mudrik is a Ukrainian national and a winger born in 2001. He can digest both his left and right sides and is equipped with multi-ability to play as a central midfielder depending on the situation.

In particular, since the use of both feet is free, it receives positive reviews for its versatility along with the modifier Son Heung-min of Ukraine.

Moudrik moved to Chelsea through a transfer fee of 89 million pounds (approximately 142 billion), but was also evaluated as less than expected.

However, in a situation where Moudrik is evaluated as similar to Son Heung-min, there is also a prospect that he can exert synergy by meeting coach Mauricio Pochettino.

Manager Pochettino has shown a perfect compatibility with Son Heung-min at Tottenham Hotspur in the past, and attention is focusing on whether he will reproduce with Mudrik at Chelsea.

There are two players with the image of Manchester United’s scam.

Harry Maguire is one of them, but he left Leicester City in 2019 and transferred to Manchester United through the highest transfer fee ever for a defender at the time. It wasn’t bad in the beginning. He showed his presence with flashing play and even took over the captain’s armband.

However, his performance gradually deteriorated and he was criticized for his performance below expectations. As a result, it was mentioned as Manchester United’s worst 11, the worst signing, and a dishonorable image of eating out was stuck.

Maguire still hasn’t had an edge over the competition. There is no longer a place at Manchester United. He is said to be on the list of lethalists to dispose of in the transfer market this summer. In the current atmosphere, it is ranked #1 for disposal.

Recently, he even gave away the captain’s armband of Manchester United. Bruno Fernandez takes over as captain from the new season.

Pogba started his professional career in 2011 as a former Manchester United youth player. However, he did not show the performance as expected and he left for Juventus.

Pogba, who left for Juventus, spent his best days winning numerous championships in league and cup competitions, and even winning the Golden Boy.

Manchester United were fascinated by Pogba’s performance and re-signed him in August 2016. He thought it would be the return of the king, but the reality was not.

He was unable to show much due to his insincere training attitude and slump, leaving only a bad boy image and his contract with Manchester United expired, and he declared a second breakup without an extension.

Others on the list include Romelu Lukaku, Jack Grealish, Declan Rice, Enzo Fernandez, Mark Cucurella, Yosuko Gbardiol, Wesley Popana and Kepa Arizabalaga.

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